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◆特价清仓◆ Kevin ♥ Vin Vin ~Active Anti Acne Gel 10g      【EXP on : 2013 June 14】

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◆特价清仓◆ Kevin ♥ Vin Vin ~Active Anti Acne Gel 10g 【EXP on : 2013 June 14】

Kevin ♥ Vin Vin ~ 抗痘凝膠 10g

While Stock Last ! 超強抗痘魔咒 一點就靈 添加鑽石級超果酸.水揚酸 痘痘不再來

  • Price: RM30.00


■A very effective pimple / acne gel which dries up pimple without drying the skin like other acne cream in the market
■Regulates oil secretion & cleanse clogged pores (Pimples/acne usually appear when the skin is too oily or when our pores are clogged)
■Contains Salicylic Acid which can effectively cure acne
■Recommended for those with acne & wants to quickly alleviate acne problem

■Kevin’s 4 Must Buy Reasons:
1)      Contains 3 special ingredients: Tea Tree + Salicylic Acid + Sulfur: regardless of age, Pimples troubles many people including man & women. Not only does it cause discomfort, & it makes it very difficult to apply makeup (for gals).  This acne gel 1st regulates oil secretion & then increases the metabolism rate of renewal of skin’s old cells. Finally, allows the skin to return to a stable state
2)      Oleanolic acid: Exfoliates the skin. Penetrates deeply into the skin to exfoliates the skin, prevents inflammation & acne.
3)      Laminaria Saccharina Extract, Propylene Glycol & water: Prevents production of oil, cleanse oily skin, balance the skin’s PH value, prevents clogged pores & inflammation. These in turn reduces the growth of acne.
4)      Double ‘B’ Skin care, anti acne & improves dullness:  Vitamin B3 & B6 soothes skin, brightens dull skin & improves skin’s aging wrinkles. Skin becomes smooth & perfect

Apply to the affected area after cleansing. Gently massage the gel until it is fully absorbed into the skin. [Those with acne affecting a large area, you may wish to use cotton pad to maintain hygiene.]
Avoid eye area, If eye contact occurs, clean gently & thoroughly with water. Please stop using if any redness or allergy symptoms appears & consult your doctor if symptoms persist. Keep sealed & store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
■Expiry: Before opening, 3yrs

-  Salicylic acid: Strengthens the skin’s metabolism to renew the skin, reduces pores & smoothens the skin.
- Urea: Softens acculmulated dead cells & locks in moisture, improves dry skin & prevents skin from peeling.
- Vitamin B6: Controls pimples & sebum secretion, so that the skin is healthy.
- Water, Dithiaoctanediol & Glycerin: Stimulates cells metabolism, protects functional enzymes & structural proteins, & prevents oxidation.
- Nicotinamide / Vitamin B3: Prevents acne scars, eliminates inflamed acne, stabilizes red, swollen & inflamed areas. Repairs skin from sun damage, promotes cell activation, improves dull skin and wrinkles.
- Pharmaceutical tea tree oil: Tea has a rich aroma, rich in phenolic amine tree which balances sebum production, reduces pores & prevents acne.

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