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★ Clearance 清仓特价 ★亏本抛卖★ SH!LLS~Aqua Skin Moisturizing Spray 150ml

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★ Clearance 清仓特价 ★亏本抛卖★ SH!LLS~Aqua Skin Moisturizing Spray 150ml

SHILLS ◆ 活泉水磁場保濕噴霧飲

  • Price: RM33.00

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2013 May 27 G4C39710E448EF-1 RM33.00

Rapidly boosts skin moisture levels restoring skin’s balance. High effect moisturizing ion water filled with plant extracts and essences sooths skin and enhances skin natural protection against allergenic sources from the daily environment.

The all in one natural skin pampering moisturizer. Spray gently on face anytime during the day especially in cold air conditioned rooms. Freshens, moisturizes skin, refines pores and controls extra oil.

Suitable for individuals with:
1) dry skin
2) oily skin 
3) Large open pores


Suitable for all ages and especially for oily skin and dry skin. Easy to use, just spray, pat to dry and touch up make up. For males, it can also be used as an after-shave or toner.

Capacity: 150ml

Hyaluronate, sustained moisturizing factors, amino acids, Witch Hazel extract

Spray on dry skin. Avoid contacting directly with eyes.

Only for skin use, do not consume.



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