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★Promotion ★~Kevin ♥ Beauty Maker ~Smooth Loose Powder  8g

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★Promotion ★~Kevin ♥ Beauty Maker ~Smooth Loose Powder 8g

毛孔光光隱形蜜粉 8g

  • Price: RM46.00


Smooth Loose Powder


A luminous powder used to set foundation and provide a semi-radiant finish. This lightweight loose powder enens skin tone and provides a smooth seamless finish. The Smooth Loose Powder helps to prolong the wear of makeup, protect the skin, control sebum production and visually minimizes pores for a fresh look. Compatible with any skin type and complexion, this moisture-rich powder leaves skin feeling dewy and silky to the touch.

Directions: Apply after makeup

Cautions: Do not apply to damaged, broken or inflamed areas of the skin.

Capacity: 8g