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SH!LLS BB Flawless Record Powder Foundation (9g)

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SH!LLS BB Flawless Record Powder Foundation (9g)

SHILLS 黑膠唱片BB無瑕粉底餅

  • Price: RM39.90


Create silky and perfect skin with this light, porous and velvety BB powder foundation.
Make up with skin care. Locks in moisture for the entire day just like wearing hydrating moisture mask. Create flawless makeup instantly and reveal silky, smooth and crystal skin.
Oil-free. It nourishes the skin throughout the day with Avocado oil and Shea Butter oil extract. Preventing skin from being drying and reduces fine lines. With rich Vitamin, it repairs the aging skin and maintain the elasticity of skin and keeping it healthy.
This powder spreads smoothly and hides the flaws on the skin. Regain natural whiteness, glossy and even complexion. A perfect flawless and long-last makeup.
Hyaluronate, Shea Butter oil extract, Avocado extract, Vitamin E, Rose essence oil
Usage: Apply powder with puff to face. Press and push lightly from inside outwards to make it even. Use pad of finger to reinforce the effects.