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Super  Magic B.B Cream Sexy Legs Spray  120ml

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Super Magic B.B Cream Sexy Legs Spray 120ml

SHILLS 空氣感BB美腿曲線雪泡

  • Price: RM34.90


SHILLS Super  Magic B.B Cream Sexy Legs Spray

★ 商品圖檔會因每台電腦螢幕顯示度皆不同,
     以實際商品為準對於色差非常敏感的甜心,請考慮清楚 ,
★ 所有商品售出將不得要求退換貨.除非商品寄錯物品。

★SHILLS Super Magic BB Cream Sexy Leg Spray Foundation is a 6-in-1 leg foundation that delivers various benefits, including soothing, concealing, tinting, repairing, whitening and hydrating. It adds a light veil of silk to your legs, making them the focus in different occasions.
★It contains “Nude Look Particles” that conceal imperfections for more fair-looking skin. In addition, whitening agents are contained for brighter skin while peptides and botanical extracts helps firm up skin.

★How to use it
Press the cap and spray liberally over your legs. Blend until it adheres evenly.

    Arbutin—whitens your skin
    Coenzyme Q10—anti-oxidant
    Peptides—reshapes your bottom figure
    Peppermint Extract—enables cool and light sensation.
    Lavender Essential Oil—soothes and comforts skin, relax your soul