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★Promotion ★   SH!LLS  Crystal White Hydrating Treatment Essence   50ml

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★Promotion ★ SH!LLS Crystal White Hydrating Treatment Essence 50ml

SHILLS ♥ 水美人白皙保濕精華

  • Price: RM33.00

SHILLS Crystal White Hydrating Treatment Essence

Creates a barrier to lock in moisture, giving you crystal white and elastic skin.

The key ingredient Cactus extract is imported from a Swiss Biotechnological producer, it forms a magnetic locking film on the skin’s surface, locking in and retaining moisture particles giving you a thoroughly hydrated face.

To enhance its effectiveness, we have added Arbutine White C, Marigold and a secret formulation of sea weed extract to help improve skin’s moisture levels,  create excellent whitening effects and prevent the formation of fine lines.

The gel is an all weather hydrating and whitening moisturizer to give you  a perfect flawless skin texture.

Key Ingredients: cactus extract, Arbutin, Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, aloe extract, seaweed extract, natural moisturizing factor, grapefruit extract, Chamomile extract, glycerine, calendula extract, cucumber extract.

Capacity: 50ml

Apply after toning or before moisturizing. Gently wipe on areas on face and neck. Can be used both in the morning or night or whenever your skin feels dry. It's whitening and hydrating essence suitable for all skin types)

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