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★Promotion ★  SH!LLS  Cherry Cleansing Oil         250ml

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★Promotion ★ SH!LLS Cherry Cleansing Oil 250ml

SHILLS櫻花多酚柔膚緊緻卸妝油 250ml

  • Price: RM33.50


Product Information

Pure natural, high permeability, no burden without pore blocking with the omnibearing effect of comforting, protection enhancement and anti-aging. The perfect cleaning of lithe cleansing oil is derived from the unique high performance balancing sebum cleansing system, which will emulsified fully once wetting to remove permanent heavy make-up, dust, air pollutant, and the high skin absorption can rapidly remove the resistant make-up such as mascara. Clear up all the face make-up, sebum and acne of the pore, old cuticle and water, and make the skin smooth and cleaning immediately.
Please place it in a cool place.
Please tight the opening after use.
Take adequate amount with dry hands and lightly massageon the whole face without water to make the make-up and pollutants floating, and massage with wetting hands to make it emulisfy (3-4 rounds), and wash thoroughly with warm water.
jojoba oil, olive oil, tocopheryl acetate, vitamin E, camellia oil, Avocado oil a-bisabilol, PEG-6 isostearate, Sweet Myrrh, emulsifier Cherry blossom essential oils