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Korea ♥ Lemona ~Vitamin C Powder *Limited Edition*  (Metal Box) 70 Sachets

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Korea ♥ Lemona ~Vitamin C Powder *Limited Edition* (Metal Box) 70 Sachets


  • Item No.:G544E9DD42E59C
  • Price: RM90.00


The Design of Box may send out depends on what korea delivered to us.

Benefit of Vitamin C Lemona

  - Effective on melasma(black spot) and freckle on skin generated by ultraviolet

     rays and stress.

  - Protect skeleton, muscle, skin by helping collagen synthesis.

  - Reduce fatigue

  - Help recovery during or after illness

  - Good to pregnant women, breast-feeding women, growing children,

     old people, smokers, etc

  - Control physiological function and make smooth metabolism.



When to have Vitamin C Lemona?

1. To maintain elastic and shiny skin

    - Melasma(black spot) and freckle prevention

    - Skin whitening effect

    - A must-have in a womans bag with interest on their skin

2. To prevent a cold

    - Cold prevention by keeping cold virus invading into cells

3. After workout and outdoor activities

    - After doing sports or workout, which consumes much physical strength

4. When smoking, when drinking

    - A cigarette consumes 25 mg Vitamin C.

    - Lemona is good to thirsty throat after smoking or drinking

5. When studying, when working

    - Lemona reduces stress and fatigue.

6. For driving, travel and leisure

    - The sweet and sour taste of Lemona makes you feel refreshed.