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ElishaCoy Vita Capsule Cleanser 80ml

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ElishaCoy Vita Capsule Cleanser 80ml

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[ Description ]

- Silky foam eliminates dirt, makeup residue, and unnecessary dead skin cells from skin

- 10 different complex vitamin capsules provide nourishment for healthy and refresh skin tone.

- “Vita Capsule Cleanser” to cleanse pores and to improve skin complexion.

- Perfect cleansing!

- Nourishing cleanser will provide energy and vitality for fatigued skin!

- 10 different vitamin complex (Vita Complex – 10) capsules break gently when using the 3D Spin Cleaner.

- Contains soap leaf and root extract which creates foam just like soap, to develop silky

- The foam is soft and rich as fresh cream each time the 3D Spin Cleaner rotates. 

- Soft bubbles cover skin to gently eliminate dirt lodged in pores while exfoliating dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and beautiful.

- Ceramide 3 and aloe vera leaf juice that protect skin provide moisture to dull and fatigued skin so skin is soft and smooth after cleansing, without the sensation of tightness or dryness.

- Rich and soft bubbles like fresh cream lower skin irritation, and provide perfect cleansing even when used along with 3D spin cleaner.


[ Functions ]

Cleanses and provides vitamins to skin for healthy and vital skin tone.


[ Suitable For ]

All skin type


[ Pack Size ]




How to use:



Step 1: Wet palms and create lather.

Step 2: Meticulously massage through skin and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.




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