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Shiseido Senka Moisturizing Toner (Rich) 200ml

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Shiseido Senka Moisturizing Toner (Rich) 200ml

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Shiseido Senka Moisturizing Toner (Rich) 200ml


[ Description ]

This face toner contains Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly which moisturize your skin and balance oil production for softening result. It also helps you to improve dryness and redness that caused by environmental changes.  


Allergy Tested. Fragrance Free. No Coloring.


For dry skin


[ How to use ]

Use it after cleansing. Put some in palm and pat on your skin. You can also saturate a cotton pad and gently wipe your skin. Follow up with a moisturizer or sunscreen to protect your skin.


[ Packing ]


Contains: Double hyaluronic acid (sodium acetylated hyaluronate, sodium hyaluronate, moisturising) and Royal Jell GL (royal jelly extract, glycerin, moisturising)

Fragrance-free, no artificial colors, allergy tested

This Lotion Fresh is suitable for normal to oily skin.

Bottle: 200ml

"We need a lotion for everyday use that will continuously and effectively moisturise our skin."

SENKA rigorously pursued moisturising effect in reponse to such demand of our customers. A new lotion that combines the creamy moisturising effect with dewy freshness.

The manufacturer may change any product specification without notice, and any details portrayed on images, specification sheets, brochures, or any other medium may differ from current products.

资生堂保湿专科高机能化妆水(滋润型) 200ml
拥有乳霜的高保湿力 却没有乳霜的黏腻感
一瓶就搞定保养步骤 轻松省时新保养运动是以独家研发的"保湿微粒萃取科技"技术,萃取保湿乳霜具有高度润泽锁水的"润活保湿成分"所制成,以化妆水的触感带给肌肤如保湿乳霜的润泽。因为具有高度保湿所以可以牢牢锁住水分,并且仔细计算各种保湿成分渗透性的差异,加以分析调配让水分可以从肌肤表层,真正渗透到肌肤底层各个角落。
特点1:精算各种保湿成分 从肌肤表面到底层确实滋润 实现有如保湿乳霜等级的高润泽感。
特点2:具有高度保湿力 却不会产生黏腻感。
特点3:具有高度保湿力 24小时仍然维持润泽感